We always say it’s not about winning, it’s about participating. We don’t just say that. During the program, starting entrepreneurs learn how to build a sustainable business. Chris Roe of EIT Climate-KIC asked three alumni (and ClimateLaunchpad fans) how they are doing now.

They talk about their start-ups and how they fared after participating in ClimateLauchpad. The alumni are completely different, in terms of company focus and life stage. Building a start-up is not a straight line, ups and downs. What successes have they had? And what were major challenges?


  • Michaela Stephen ( Co-Founder and CMO at MATЯ)
  • Narayan Lal Gurjar ( Founder &CEO EF Polymer)
  • William Janssen (CEO, Desolenator)

Source: Climatelaunchpad.org