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Our response to climate emergency has been to focus our efforts on systems innovation to generate options and pathways for radical transformation.

We aim to find the best climate positive solutions and  support them with intensive training to turn their idea into a  feasible business.

Welcome to Climovation

Climovation is a means of taking  effective action on the climate and  environmental crisis through  innovation

Our Vision

A prosperous, inclusive,
climate-resilient society

This is a new climate-conscious economy, where finance flows to green projects and activities, and where motivated people are empowered with the skills and capacity they need to take action.

Our mission

To catalyse systemic
change for climate action

The global community needs giant leaps forward to avoid catastrophic climate change. This can only be achieved through wholesale systemic change – change that encompasses not just the technical and material, but regulation, governance structures, values and mindsets.

Our Promise

Transformation in time,
through systems innovation

As we are guided by EIT Climate-KIC vision, we work on transformative, systemic innovation that involves many connected innovations developing in parallel to trigger a shift in the system. We aim to take good ideas, products or services from niche to mainstream to reach a tipping point and create maximum impact.

part of the KLIMate kic 

We are part of the EIT  Climate-KICs family which has 10-year track record in climate innovation

formal partners

climate-positive start-ups incubated

new products & services

climate funding leveraged

full-time jobs created since 2010

participants in our education activities

How We Work. Our Mission & Values

In 2022, we are launching the second edition of ClimateLaunchpad Morocco with more startups, more national partners and an extension to other countries, probably Senegal and Ivory Coast if material conditions are there..

We also intend to organize many events, Climathons, in different regions of Morocco in partnership with local authorities, the private sector and the supervisory ministries.

Programs Cleantech Ecosystem

ClimoVation Morocco is climate centered ecosystem offering several support programmes and events:


Or– hackathons specially designed for local authorities and education in all territories. They focus on the climate challenges of
entrepreneurs and citizens in more than 150 cities around the world. The main focus will be in forgotten cities. 


Supports over 40+ advanced acceleration programs for the most promising start-ups in different geographic and climate themes around the world. It provides both thematic expertise and advanced support for business growth, accompanying them through to investment readiness.


It is the largest green business competition organized by more than 60 partners around the world. It supports more than 1,000 early-stage climate entrepreneurs to develop viable climate start-ups through partner organizations in 55 countries.

Climate Marketplace

A dedicated program for connecting investors with incubated companies. It works with local investors and clients to help climate companies secure the investments they need to grow, scale and enter markets.

Turn your idea into a successful start-up 


The Green Business Ideas Competition

Our competition is your ticket to global success. Provided you have a green business idea and have what it takes to become an entrepreneur.
Your idea can be an innovation in renewable energy, a sustainable transition in the food chain, a mind shift in urban mobility or any other way to tackle climate change.

"Climovation is part of the EIT Climate-KIC which is a climate innovation agency and community working to catalyse these transformations, using systems innovation as a key tool."

Ahmed Larouz

"Continuing to work through gradual, incremental changes will not be enough. What is needed now is a fundamental transformation of economic, social and financial systems to trigger exponential increases in decarbonisation rates and climate resilience.

Source: Climate-KIC’s Transformation, in Time strategy document

We are not alone 

Cleantech for Morocco & Africa

We are the Morocco’s cleantech innovation pioneers. Since 2020, we have been investing in the early-stage technologies that will get the world to net zero and create long-term prosperity for Morocco as well as for The African continent. The innovative startups and scales-ups we grow are low and high-risk as well, they need significant support to launch or scale up. We are on a mission to create a cleaner, fairer economy, and we are in it for the long run.


Because of them, we can


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We are driving green entrepreneurship and innovation in clean technology. We aim to inspire, mobilize, connect, and catalyze green entrepreneurship through turnkey programs in cleantech ideation, incubation, acceleration & innovation. We also provide them with a network of  funding through our international marketplace.


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