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About What We Do & How We Got Here

With Climate Change we’re facing one of the biggest challenges and a highly unpredictable future. We believe that there’s not one silver bullet to solve this challenge. We need thousands of sustainable innovations. And we need them now. We need to speed up the process to turn green business ideas into reality, commercialization and scale. And, we cannot do this alone. We need to work to join forces with the entire ecosystem and have everyone to play their part to combat climate change.

Our Mission & Client Vision

Climovation is a means of taking effective action on the climate and environmental crisis through innovation


The global community needs giant leaps forward to avoid catastrophic climate change. This can only be achieved through wholesale systemic change – change that encompasses not just the technical and material, but regulation, governance structures, values and mindsets.


This is a new climate-conscious economy, where finance flows to green projects and activities, and where motivated people are empowered with the skills and capacity they need to take action.


As we are guided by EIT Climate-KIC vision, we work on transformative, systemic innovation that involves many connected innovations developing in parallel to trigger a shift in the system. We aim to take good ideas, products or services from niche to mainstream to reach a tipping point and create maximum impact.
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