The mission of Climovation is “Fixing climate change one start to scale up at the time “, promoting green innovation for a sustainable and inclusive future. We live and make our mission a reality, through programmes that support entrepreneurs to take their business projects to the next level.


A global push for sustainable cities & the SDGs

Ideation  We are in our Game Changers and Polishers phase around Biodiversity – it’s going to be very, very cool! In the meantime you can take our survey, “Find the CleantechHUB programme for you”.  👉🏻 


Transform green business ideas into market-ready pitches

Incubation  is a space that began its trajectory as the Greatest Green Ideas Competition in the world: Climatelauchpad, with the mission of “unleashing the global potential of clean technologies to tackle climate change” for more information  👉🏻

Since 2019 we focus our energies in Colombia and in this 2024, we reach Guatemala, Costa Rica and Peru, to accompany and catapult those passionate people, those brilliant minds, to create  positive impact on the climate through the creation of entrepreneurship.

The Incubation Program is for people with or without previous entrepreneurial experience, regardless of age or career path, as well as entrepreneurial teams in the start-up phase of their Minimum Viable Product/Service (or MVP) or their first steps in the market. The most important thing here is an idea or MVP with a positive climate impact. Our definition of climate positive impact is the impact that an organisation creates, with the intention of mitigating climate change, generating adaptation and resilience to the climate crisis and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Grow from cleantech start-up to scale-up

Acceleration this program is a space, which started its trajectory as the ClimAccelerator program sponsored by ClimateKIC [Climate-KIC | The EU’s main climate innovation initiative] more information 👉🏻, with the mission of “accelerating change at speed and scale”.We achieve this by raising business at the speed the planet needs.

Since 2021, we have focused our energies on Colombia and since 2022 we have had founders from companies in Colombia, Mexico and Argentina. In 2024, we are joining Guatemala, Costa Rica and Peru, to accompany and catapult these passionate leaders, these  brilliant minds, to create a positive impact on the climate through the expansion of their business.


Connecting bottom-up sustainable innovation with the market

CleantechHUB Marketplace is a space that brings together our innovative beneficiaries of our incubation and acceleration programmes. During these 5 years of operation we have accompanied more than 1000 start-ups. By having a constant and healthy annual influx of startups CleantechHUB has built a community that involves many actors in the ecosystem.

Meet our participants from previous versions of our incubation and acceleration programmes in the marketplace.

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To boost green entrepreneurship & cleantech innovation

Boost your journey as a climate entrepreneur with the Cleantech Academy! 🌿 Discover our personalized route to success with Ideation, Incubation and Acceleration programs. Connect with experts, renowned mentors and innovative tools – get ready to lead the green transformation and make a difference in the cleantech world! Join us and grow your network. 💪🏼 #CleantechAcademy #CleantechEntrepreneurs #ClimateEntrepreneurs #Sustainability 

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